Introduction to the CARE Brand

CARE’s brand is the face of the organization and represents who we are and what we do. Correct use of the CARE brand — including words, images, graphics, the logo, colors and typography — is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of the CARE name. Therefore, words and messages on this site were carefully chosen to support CARE’s brand.

The protection of CARE’s trademarks is similarly important. Proper licensing and monitoring ensure the health of these valuable intellectual property assets and allow CARE to defend against infringement.

These standards are a resource and reference tool for CARE staff and suppliers, providing an overview that helps us correctly use CARE’s brand internally and externally. When necessary, these standards will be updated to ensure that they complement the evolution of CARE.

For quick reference of the brand standards, use the Brand Standards Quick Guide. You can print it out to have at your desk or save on your computer for quick hyperlinks to specific sections.

How to Use this Site

On this site you will find an overview of the latest brand standards and links to download all the assets and templates. The templates are here to help you do your work faster and on-brand. Please start using these templates for new materials, and gradually update old materials as you are able to. Refer to this site often for direction on how to create proper CARE branded collateral. We will edit the guidelines occasionally and add new templates as time goes on. So keep checking back to see what's new!

You can watch Brown Bag presentations on how to use this site and the Brand Standards and how to use the Templates.

CARE employees and approved partners can contact for the password to access downloadable materials.

Where to Get Help?

Please use this site as your first go-to reference for all things brand related. If you need further assistance, please contact the Brand Management Team at You can also contact us with any issues you may find with the templates and requests for us to consider adding additional templates.

Brand In Action